Whitchurch A v Cardiff Uni A - 29th September 2018

Due to 8 teams heading out for a game on Saturday the 2s turned up with 11 plus Gilly. We individually set out some goals for the game and were pumped for the game with Donnie just wanting to be mates with Rhys.

This moment of bonding seemed to work as Rhys scored a first half hat trick with Gilly playing a key role in the build up and then assisted Pinney for his tap in on the far post. Half time 4-1 don’t recall the Cardiff goal.

2nd half commenced with Cardiff going half court so Alfie and Gregor played between themselves for 35 mins. Cardiff got another and we went home with 3 points!

Total control, maturity and ruthlessness from the lads bring on Hereford and another 3 points!

Final Score: 4-2