Youth Section


How to apply?
Applications to become a youth member of Whitchurch Hockey Club should be made by emailing the club administrator – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This application should contain the following: the young person’s name and date of birth, the parental contact details (email address and mobile number) and child’s school.

Club’s policy for dealing with applications for membership
Once an application has been received, the Club Administrator will then consult with the Director of Youth Hockey who will in turn liaise with the lead coach of the age group of the new player concerned. If there any vacancies a place will be offered to the new applicant.

If the maximum capacity is reached within an age/gender group, then a “Waiting List” will be created. As part of this, the new applicant will be offered “Friday Hockey” at a reduced membership rate and with a weekly training fee. There will not be any matches organised for these youngsters, just one hour of training at the Whitchurch High school pitch.

When spaces for new members appear, priority will be given to those who have attended Friday Hockey provided that their commitment has been mirrored by their attendance and that they do not owe the club any money.
If there are still spaces for membership, priority will be given to those who applied earliest and especially to those who have replied to club emails about membership by expressing their interest still to be considered as members.

Reviews of Membership
Complete reviews of youth membership will occur once a year in July/August. Members wishing to discontinue will have their places offered to those on the “Waiting List”.

Applications for membership will lapse in September of each year and if an applicant still wishes to join, a fresh application should be made to the Club Administrator.

The club reserves the right to admit a new member under exceptional circumstances. For example, a player of proven ability at representative level, an applicant with a close family connection to the club; an application supported by the offer of substantial parental help (eg Coaching)

Applications for players who are Under 16/17/18 on August 31st of each year should be made to the senior section of the club. Under 18 teams for both genders are selected for cup competitions but do not have discreet training sessions.

Whitchurch’s youth section runs the following age/gender groups

Under 9 Mixed (boys and girls divided equally)
Under 11 Boys
Under 11 Girls
Under 12 Girls
Under 13 Boys
Under 13 Girls
Under 14 Girls
Under 15 Girls
Under 15 Boys

Chris Despres