This policy has been developed to provide the members of Whitchurch Hockey Club with a guide to how the Playing Committees carry out the process of selecting the teams to represent the Club. The members of the Playing Committes are as follows:

Playing Committee (Men) - Chair of Playing Committee (Men), 1st X1 Manager, Captains for each team, Match Manager, Fixture Manager, Umpires Manager, Records Manager, Publicity Manager, Coaching Manager, Kit Manager
The Playing Committee (Ladies) - Chair of Playing Committee (Ladies), Captains for each team, Umpires Manager, Match Manager, Records Manager, Coaching Manager, Kit Manager        

Not all of the members will attend every meeting. Vice captains must deputise for captains if these are unable to attend.

Behind the scenes, the Management and Playing Committees dedicate a great deal of time and effort to the Club on a voluntary basis, with the aim of furthering the Club. This effort needs to be recognised and reciprocated to a certain degree by the playing members.  The Club aims to be all things to all members; namely a competitive, successful and sociable organisation where you can find your level and enjoy your hockey.  We do not expect the same level of commitment and availability from the lower team members as we would expect from higher team members, especially the 1st
team – but we do expect the same level of consideration and communication with your respective captains, to help make their job easier.  

Selection Process

At the weekly Playing Committee meetings, captains report on the previous week’s games and players’ performance and availability is discussed. The Playing Committees then select all teams for the coming weekend based on these discussions. Selected players will be notified by the relevant captain ASAP, preferably by the Wednesday. If a team is short of a player, the captain should ring the captain of the team below to tell them which player they want. A player who has been selected for a lower team will be informed of the decision and the reason by the captain of the higher team or Chair of the respective Playing Committee. Players will normally be promoted one team at a time.  Equally, the reverse will apply.

Should a player have a query with the selection process, they should see their captain or the Chair of the respective Playing Committee. Players are kindly requested to be polite and respectful when making enquiries regarding their own selection; the selection of other individuals will not be discussed with a third party. The decision of the Chair is final.

Contact Details

If we can’t reach you, we can’t pick you!  Please keep the Secretary up to date with your full name, address, phone number and email address.


In order to ensure you are considered for selection it is your responsibility to advise your captain of your availability prior to the following week’s Playing Committee meeting; failure to do so will result in you being omitted from the list of available players. We appreciate everyone has work, family or study commitments, which may take priority.  Please try to inform your captain with as much advanced notice as possible if you foresee any problems. If you are unavailable, it is possible you could lose your place for the following fixture. However, cases will always be judged on an individual basis.

Illness / Injury

If you are unfit to play, for whatever reason, please make sure your captain knows as soon as possible.  If you are not going to be fit for the following week’s game be realistic about your recovery and discuss with your captain.

Movement Between Teams

We are trying to develop a healthy level of competition for places, throughout the Club, which will of course contribute to individual team and collective Club success. Therefore, it should be noted there will be regular movement of players between teams, both up and down. So if you show the required level of skill, ability and application, you are more likely to be promoted through the teams, regardless of age.  Likewise, if your captain feels your form is waning or your application is suffering, then you are likely to be moved to a lower team, and it will be up to yourself to prove you are worthy of a recall.

Squad Rotation

Hockey is a squad game these days, which means not everyone will get 70 minutes every week.  In fact, it is much better to “bust a gut” for 20 minutes and then have a short rest, to recover, and then go back on.  Results will be determined by the effective use of squad members.


Pitch training takes place every week at Whitchurch High School and the National Hockey Centre.  

Attendance by senior members cannot be made compulsory, but it is for the benefit of your team to practice what you are intending to do at the weekend. For 1st/2nd team members, non attendance will be frowned upon!

Physical fitness is your own personal responsibility; if you are not fit or not able to attend training, please contact your captain.  


In order to remain financially viable, we are dependent on the annual subscription of members.  In essence, without these finances, the Club would cease to exist.  It is therefore paramount playing members pay their subscription on time. Failure to pay annual subscriptions on time may result in suspension from matches. If you are having difficulty paying your subscription please approach the Treasurer to discuss a payment plan; there are several payment options available.

Match Fees

As above, weekly match fees are essential to pay for the weekly expenses, such as pitch hire. Match fees must be paid to your captain on the same day as the game played unless previously agreed with the Treasurer. Failure to pay match fees will result in the suspension of that player from matches until further notice, at the discretion of the Playing Committees.


As a club we expect levels of discipline to be maintained whilst representing Whitchurch Hockey Club. Any player bringing the Club into disrepute, either on or off the field, may be subject to disciplinary action by the Club Disciplinary Committee.  The Playing Committee will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

21st March 2013