Mens Section

Whitchurch Hockey Club - Men's

The men's section is made up of 7 regular sides and 1 veterans side. The regular sides compete Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays in the Go Crea8 League.

If you have never picked up a hockey stick before, are a seasoned high level player or just want a good run around and awesome socials (even a mix of everything) then this club is for you. We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive club that people want to play for and now its time for you to get involved too! Please see below each of the men's sides and a short description to help show you what each side is all about.

Men's Training for 2017/18 Season: 

Men's Performance 20:30-22:00 @ Sophia Gardens 

Men's Club 20:00-21:00 @ Whitchurch HS 

Men's Performance 20:00-21:00 @ Sophia Gardens 

Men's Club 21:00-22:00 @ Sophia Gardens 

If you are new to the club and interested in coming down to one of these sessions please contact Men's Chair of Selection - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran, in your prime, or just want a run there is a session for all!