Whitchurch HC Quiz Night

Saturday 18th October saw Whitchurch HC hold the quiz night social at Whitchurch rugby club. 75 quizzers of all ages, attended the evening ready to test their brains.

Quiz master Will “the red-mouse” Teagle steered the 12 teams through 8 testing rounds: Picture, Sport, Famous Fives, Music, Word puzzles, Food & drink, Science & Technology and the Hockey Wipeout round. These rounds came in different formats to keep the crowd entertained. The music round in particular saw many confused faces where famous songs were played on alternative instruments. We especially loved the acapella version of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry me a river’.

In the half time break the vodka roll game become battle of the sexes whilst guessing how many sweets in a jar almost lay forgotten. However the sweet tooths were rallied in the end! The table snacks also seemed to be a hit as well as Mrs Skirrow's angry rock cakes for those lucky enough to get one (yum yum, thankyou!). Some people will do anything to win!

The night drew to a close declaring “Throbbing Digit” winners and 4 points clear of 2nd placed “Quiz on my Face”. Well done for winning £50 and I hope you enjoyed your slippery nipples! Unfortunately the “Youth” brought up the rear but only half a point behind “UWIC Wanderers” after they trusted their captain Jake “not so hockey geek” Read, and risked all in the last wipeout round. Close one!

There were an assortment of team names including; “Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Wear the fox hat, Quizzy Rascals and We know nothing” but the best team name was awarded to “Quiztina Aquilera”.

Winners of part time games; Hassan Noor won the Vodka roll and Pip Beattie was the closest guess to how many sweets were in the jar (only 4 away!). There was an abundance of fantastic (and not so great) raffle prizes, congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the donations.

This was the third social of the 2014/15 season (1st being club day, 2nd being ten mill lane) and the night brought laughs, cheers and tears (mostly from the questions!). Thanks to all who participated, Will Teagle for reading the questions and the amazing raffle prizes donated- particularly Stroud Motor Services. A massive thank you to Kat Hunter for organising. Also thank you Helen Keniston for helping out at half time and a big thank you goes to Daryl “Delboy” Kisby for selling over 100 raffle tickets!

The night was a success, raising over £300 for the club. Well done team and roll on next social! Feedback is greatly appreciated. Volunteers and ideas also massively needed as we don't have a social manager at present. If you fancy helping out or running just one social please get in touch!