Social Report 28/04/15 - Annual Dinner 2015

The end of season dinner dance was held at Swalec Stadium on Saturday 25th April 2015.

This year 142 people attended the event in total – this included 59 from the ladies’ side and 83 from the men’s side. It was nice to see many members’ partners also attending. Despite the fact that three of the teams were playing the in Welsh cup finals the next day, the evening was far from subdued. The bar opened at 6.30pm along with the formal photo session and vodka roll game. The sweet cart was a hit with many bags of sweeties being spotted in the table throughout the evening.

After the reception, people were seated and the more formal welcome was given by Brad Channer. Dinner was served and everyone continued the evening. As coffee was served the presentation of awards began by Kat Hunter and Brad. This year 6 club awards had been formed in which any ladies’ or men’s member could win.

Club Awards - The Winners

Clubman of the Year - Dave Skirrow

Ted Hallin Umpire Award - Julie Cook

Young Player of the year - Megan Blake

Most improved player - Andrew Gray

Top Goal Scorer - Tom Vaal

Team of the Year - Mens 8s and Ladies 5s

Players of the Year

Ladies' 1 - Emily Greenwood

Ladies' 2 - Megan Blake

Ladies' 3 - Anne Spicer

Ladies' 4 - Emma Harvey

Ladies' 5 - Helen Keniston

Men's 1 - James Hodge

Men's 2 - Chris King

Men's 3 - Adam Stone

Men's 4 - Olly Rendle

Men's 5 - Iwan Marshall

Men's 6 - Tom Vaal

Men's 7 - Alf Entwistle

Men's 8 - Connor Hamilton

Once the final award speech by Jon Watts was completed, the raffle was drawn by Brad and Rhi Evans. Some hard work by the social team and incredible donations from members gave a great selection of prizes. Over £300 was raised from selling tickets.

Finally the disco was officially open with everyone ready to get their boogie on. The selfie prize was awarded to the Ladies 4th team at 11pm for their “urinal selfie”. Please look on the Whitchurch members’ fb group to see the other lovely attempts to try win. The party continued until around 12.30-1am. On the whole the evening was a great success. Many thanks to all that contributed and attended the event.

In particular:

* Swalec Stadium – awesome venue and staff, thanks for putting up with us!

* Gez Charles Photography – For all the photos taken throughout the night please visit

*MelysionMegan – Sweet cart hire

* Raffle Donations - Agile Therapy, Park Thistle Cardiff, Pure gym, Y Mochyn Du, Helen Keniston, The Williams´, Cardiff Sportsgear, Avon, Ten Mill Lane, Swalec Stadium, and others. 

* Social team and contributors – Brad Channer, Daryl Kisby, Owain Ryland, Pete Bowles, Lauren Matthews, Liv Laxton, Rhiannon Evans, Ellie Hopkins, Katie Barass, Gwen Nicol, Claire Stewart and others (sorry if they are missed)