Whitchurch Ds Vs Whitchurch Es – 6th October 2017

Result: WHC D [5] v WHC E [1]

The first game of the season in Dy Cymru 2 saw a Friday night Whitchurch derby with the Ds taking on the Es at WIS.

Both teams had a good turn out allowing for good pace of hockey in the 1st half. The Ds started off well, controlling possession and pushing high up the pitch, putting pressure on the Es defence. The Ds had a number of chances, playing the ball around the back and making some great plays down the left and right. The Es were well organised at the back and the Ds were guilty of taking the ball in to contact too often and not getting shots off in front of goal. Tom Vaal broke the deadlock with the only goal in the first half. He also managed to get in the way of a clear shot on goal to help out the Es defence. The Es had some fast young players on the counter attack, but the back three covered well. Even with the umpire, Bob Fleck, misinterpreting a great clearance from the right back, resulting in a short corner from the Es best attack in the 1st half.

The Es were down one man from the end of the 1st half but the Ds couldn’t capitalise on the extra player going in to the 2nd half. The Ds continued to dominate the possession in the 2nd half, winning a number of short corners but were only able to convert one with a “well placed pass” from Tom Vaal looping off a Blue stick and in to the net, leaving the umpires confused for a moment. The Es continued to apply pressure on the back three on the counter attacks and started to look a lot more threatening as the game went on. The Ds continued to play high up the pitch, creating a chance for another Rhys Hughes tap in and a hat trick for Tom Vaal. The Es kept their heads up and made plenty of progress on the counter attacks, winning a few free hits outside the D. Quick play and a great cross to the back post found an unmarked forward that was able to slot the ball past the stranded keeper. John Barnard finished off the scoring with well-placed shot tucked in to the bottom right, well out of the keepers reach, finishing the match 1-5 to the Ds.

It was a good start to the season for the Ds, the young players really getting in to the game and producing some very good hockey. The performance from the team, with some work on a few areas, has the prospect of a strong season for the Ds.