Results for the weekend 6th October 2018:

Whitchurch v Wotton-u-Edge {2-1}
Whitchurch A v Hereford {7-3}
Whitchurch B v Bridgend A {3-0}
Whitchurch C v Wotton-u-Edge A {6-0}
Whitchurch D v Swansea E {1-3}
Whitchurch E v Penarth B {5-1}
Whitchurch F v Bridgend C {2-4}

Saints v Howards {0-1}
Saints 2s v Howards 2s {3-0}
Saints 3s v Brecon CXL GAME
Saints 4s v Swansea 4s {1-1}
Saints 5s v Swansea 6s {4-4}
Saints 6s v Abergavenny 2s {2-3}

Photos of the Saints 1 v Howards game were taken by CWM CALON PHOTOGRAPHY and are available online