WHC C v Penarth D - 29th September 2018

It was a sunny day at the beach in Penarth for the first game of the season. Both teams started with pace, a lot of familiar faces and friendly rivalries.
Although they only had 11, keeping pace in the game, it was Whitchurch who would strike first in what would prove to be an end-to-end game. Struggling to make the ball move at all, Whitchurch maintained a period of pressure on the Penarth D, eventually allowing Keating to convert.

The tennis continued, both keepers making excellent saves, diving, smothering and even tackling outside the D. Whilst Whitchurch made the keeper earn his chips, Penarth were largely broken down outside the D until one too many touches in the corner led to a turnover, moved around the top to beat the keeper and not even a diving player could keep the ex-blue from scoring against his old club. Half-time, 1-1.

A strong start from both sides in the second half, the heat allowed the fitter youngsters to control the pace, with Whitchurch constantly penetrating the Penarth D, sharp passing building to multiple short corners, with captain Westerman finally converting the ensuing breakdown play. A quieter defensive half for Whitchurch, Penarth were left to dribble towards the corner or play route 1. Some fantastic build-up play starting with the defence and up the left by the young players Cian and Zac led to another penalty corner, calmly moved at the top of the D, slipped back to Westerman, who was able to flick over the wrong-footed keeper... The game would finish 3-1...although due to "technical difficulties" it would take the captain several hours, a couple of beers, and a plea to the chair of selection to get this information back to the league!

A solid performance and excellent start to the season for the 'Legends' team.