Results 12,13,14 October 2018

Whitchurch v. Ashmoor {2-3}
Whitchurch A v. Lansdown {4-6}
Whitchurch B v. Bristol and West A {4-4}
Whitchurch C v. Cheltenham B {6-3}
Whitchurch D v Cardiff Uni C {2-1}
Whitchurch F v. Gwent B {1-7}
Whitchurch G v. Penarth C {0-7}

Saints v. Gwent {3-1}
Saints 2s v. Gwent 2s {1-2}
Saints 3s v. Kington *postponed due to weather
Saints 4s v. Cardiff Uni 4s {2-2}
Saints 5s v. Medics 3s {5-0}
Saints 6s v. Medics 2s {0-4}

Saints 3s in Trophy Pool Games, through to next round see full Hockey Wales report here results were;

Saints 1 Cardiff Uni 0
Saints 0 Bangor Uni 0
Saints 1 Cardiff Met 0

Full results across the Ladies & Men's leagues and current standings in the league tables are available online:
Men : The VERDE RECREO Hockey League
Saints: South Wales Women's League