Members Update:

Hope that you are all are keeping well and adapting to these challenging times that we face.

Following Welsh Government & Hockey Wales announcement hockey is allowed to return under strict guidelines. Various protocols have to be put in place before Hockey Wales will allow a club to return to hockey training. As well as these protocols under current restrictions any club is only allowed a maximum of 24 players (split into 4 groups of 6) on a pitch at any one time.

The club is working through the protocols that need to be put in place in conjunction with Hockey Wales and we are looking to start training as soon as we can.

At present although hockey activity is allowed both WIS & WHS are not open for use for hockey. We are in discussions with both parties on how this will change over the coming weeks and will inform members as soon as we have been notified.

When we start back it is clear that training will not be as it was pre-Covid and we will have to adapt training accordingly to meet the restrictions that are in place at that time. These will inevitably change over time and the club will adapt training accordingly.

For senior hockey, the league committees have informed the clubs that they will delay the start of the season until 25th October (at the earliest). This will mean at present the season will run into April & May 2021. No decisions have been made regarding youth hockey matches at present but South Wales Youth Hockey are looking to start matches as soon as restrictions permit.

This is a continually evolving situation and we will endeavour to return to training and matches as soon as Welsh Government guidelines permit.

Whitchurch Hockey Management Committee